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Euroclean Vac



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Euroclean Vacs

Kent Edge 12
Upright ReliaVac
Wet  Dry HEPA
Office Vac
Model UZ 934
Model UZ 930
Model UZ 932
Model UZ 964
Model UZ 877
Model WD215
Model WD260


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Light Oak  Heat Surge Fireplace Roll-n-Glow® EV.2 with LED Insert

Light Oak Heat Surge Fireplace Roll-n-Glow® EV.2 with LED Insert

Fireplace & Wood Stove Winter Scene Ash Vacuum Cleaner With FREE SHIPPING
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Upright Type Vacuums

Euroclean Model EDGE 12

Model ReliaVac 12

ReliaVac 12DC with Dust Cup

ReliaVac  12HP and 16HP
Hip Vac and Portable
bulletUZ 964 - The original Hip Vac™
bulletUZ 964H - With HEPA filtration
bulletUZ 964-400 - For use on airplanes only
bulletHip Vac™ Sr. - The High-Powered Hip Vac Sr. increases the power ratings while maintaining the standard weight: Max vacuum: 95" water lift Max air flow: 100 cfm
UZ 934
Lightweight Canister Vacuums


Model UZ930S Model UZ930HSP HEPA Model UZ934

Euroclean UZ 934 Series: These canister vacuums include the UZ934 Dry canister vacuum with a 2.5 gallon capacity, 3-stage filtration, complete with 6-foot suction hose, combination floor tool, crevice tool and two piece wand, and the UZ934-H a powerful, low priced dry only HEPA vac. Includes deluxe tool set up, 2.5 gallon capacity, 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 microns

Euroclean GD 930 / UZ 930 Series

Euroclean GD 930/UZ 930 Series: Superior design makes these Euroclean professional vacuum cleaners for removal of dust and dirt easier to handle, more efficient performers. They're meant for big jobs with a 4 gallon capacity dust bag, 2880 sq. in. filter and 11/8 HP motor for high power suction.

Hepa and Non Hepa Euroclean Wet Dry Vacuums


Models EWD-315 and EWD-320

Euroclean wet dry vacuums are intended to be used day in and day out in heavy duty commercial, industrial and floor maintenance applications

The 20 gallon and 15 gallon machines have the same compact footprint to reduce storage space. Rubberized nonmarking wheel are quiet on hard floor surfaces and the large rear wheels make moving the machine up and down stairs a breeze. Both units have a rear drain hose for easy disposal of liquids

HEPA Wet / Dry  Euroclean Wet / Dry  WD260-H/WD215-H HEPA
Model WD260-H 15 Gallon and Model WD215-H  4 Gallon

WD260-H/WD215-H HEPA wet/dry tank vacuums, combine superior filtration with easy-emptying features and quiet operation for excellent performance. Cyclonic action of inlet air and water reduces foam build-up; a high-efficiency filtration system including Microstat® filtration at 0.3 microns at 99.83% efficiency, a pre-filter, and a high-efficiency exhaust filter with standard HEPA filter at 0.3 microns at 99.99% efficiency insure clean air; and tip-and-pour design with a splashless pour spout and a convenient dump hose on the two larger models make them easy to use.


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