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Light Oak Heat Surge Fireplace Roll-n-Glow® EV.2 with LED Insert

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Collection System

Use this kit to custom design
 a sawdust collection system
 for your workshop

bulletCollects sawdust and chips from all of your stationary tools.
bulletEasy to install.
bulletModular design - use multiple kits for larger shops.
bulletAttaches to your wet/dry vac or your existing dust collection system.
bulletAttaches to any vac with 2-1/2" hose
bulletSimilar to Clean Shop Network by Ridgid
Kit Includes:
bullet(8) 36" clear pvc collection tubes
bullet(6) vacuum gates
bullet(5) tube couplings
bullet(3) 45 degree elbows
bullet(4) tee-y fittings
bullet(2) 90 degree elbows
bullet(10) mounting clamps

Accessory Kit

Part Description

Part Number          Price          Order

horizontal rule

Sawdust accessory kit complete 8057511 SV- 80175 $ 139.99
36" clear PVC collection tubes 9193500 SV- 91935 $ 9.99
vacuum gates 9193600 SV- 91936 $ 5.99
tube couplings 9193700 SV- 91937 $ 3.99
45 degree elbows 9193800 SV- 91938 $ 5.09
tee-y fittings 9194000 SV- 91940 $ 5.09
90 degree elbows 91939 SV- 91939 $ 5.99
mounting clamps 91941 SV- 91941 $ 2.99
hardware package (anchors & screws) 9194200 SV- 91942 $ 4.99
Conversion Unit, 2-1/2" to 1-1/4" 9068500 SV- 90685 $ 7.99

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