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Dry clean your carpet with the Lindhaus ECO Spreader 

The Eco Spreader is the perfect solution to clean carpets and rugs with a minimum effort and without running the risk of ruining the textile surfaces. There is no need to purchase and maintain a separate dry carpet cleaner. The patented
Eco Spreader is an excellent accessory that can be attached to the base of Lindhaus upright or canister  vacuum cleaners.

The ECO Dry cleaning product is a dry extraction carpet cleaning compound designed specifically for carpets. Dry extraction cleaning is an easy and safe system that effectively cleans soiled areas, spots, and spills. Problems associated with wet cleaning methods are not found in this system because the product remains dry. Because this product is dry in application, a long drying time Is not required. This allows the immediate use of the carpet. Carpet may be walked on even during the cleaning process with no adverse effect. The active ingredients in this mixture emulsify and hold soils and may be removed by vacuuming when dry. Due to this quick application and drying time no residue is left behind to result in resoiling. The dry cleaning of carpets is recommended by many carpet manufacturers worldwide. Each pound of product cleans a 50 square foot (5 ft X 10 ft) area. For large areas, use with a dry extraction machine to remove dirt and grime from heavily soiled walk lanes, carpeting, and area rugs.



Eliminates over wetting


Reduces time cleaning carpets


Product allows quick use of carpeted areas


Use for large areas or spot cleaning


Emulsifies oil and grease quickly



  1. Vacuum carpeting.

  2. Pretreat using approved prespray sprayed over stained area in a fine mist. Cover area to be cleaned with this product. Use a dry extraction machine for cleaning large areas. For small areas or spots, work into the spot with a soft brush. If spot or spill is severe, pretreat using approved prespray and add more of this product if needed to remove the entire spot. NOTE: Do not rub too aggressively or damage to carpet may occur. 

  3. Allow this product to completely dry. 

  4. Vacuum.

The Eco Spreader is most effective when used in conjunction with Lindhaus Eco Dry, a highly effective dry carpet cleaning compound.

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